Peak Studios Boulder CO

Peak Studios Boulder, CO


Peak Studios does all of the internet marketing for Chem-Dry of Boulder .  They manage their Google Adwords, localized search engine optimization and Organic SEO.

This Peak Studios web design was built with simplicity and usability in mind, while the core of the Website is dynamically built so it will produce great white hat search engine results.

Since Chem-Dry of Boulder has started working with Peak Studios they have seen amazing growth with an ROI of over 10:1 they have a tight grip on carpet cleaning industry in Boulder, CO. the last few year they have even won the Best of Boulder Award for  Carpet Cleaning.

Peak Studios is based in Boulder, Co, Milwaukee, WI and Huntley, IL. Peak Studios was Started by Quince Wyss in 2000 with a primary focus on flash based websites. In 2008 Quince Wyss (the president of Peak Studios) brought on Jeremy Wyss (CMO of peak studios) to run the sales side of the business. Peak Studios had always built web sites to have good SEO (search engine optimization) but never really focused on internet marketing but by July of 2008 they started taking on internet marketing clients and quickly expanded both their internet marketing and web design business. Working mostly with smaller business’ (under 5 million in profits per year) and a few larger corporations like HRI (Chem-Dry  and N-Hance), Home Depot, Lynch Signs… In 2010 Peak Studios expand their team once again to offer android, tablet, Ipad and Iphone applications. Quince Wyss has a strong belief in education and is always having the staff at Peak Studios learn more and grow with the new technologies of the world!

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