Rug Cleaning and Storage Policy

Drop-off and Pickup must be scheduled.  Please call in advance.

Rugs should be cleaned annually. We cannot guarantee complete removal of years of neglect in only one cleaning.

A basic or maintenance cleaning will not provide restorative results. Undisclosed (Known or Unknown) restorative needs will not be addressed. Only the service(s) ordered will be performed.

Restorative cleaning is a form of repair.  Since there are potential hazards, a written or verbal authorization is required for this work to be performed.

All services are priced individually: Pre-Treat, Sanitize, PURT, Clean, Stain Removal, Fringe color restoration and other unique repairs.

It is common for the fringes and backing to be permanently stained. The face fibers are our focus.

Only double-sided rugs will be cleaned on both sides and only when agreed upon by both parties.  Because it can take twice as ling, two sides will be twice the cost of only one side.

You accept responsibility for choosing to have your rug cleaned. If we can’t solve the problem, we will not buy you a new one. Payment is still required.

Pickup rugs within 72 hours of being contacted regarding their completion. We reserve the right to charge $5 per day per rug for storage.

(Please make advanced arrangements if this is not possible.)

Serving El Paso County, Colorado