Urine is destructive to carpet and upholstery

Urine can cause significant damage to carpet and upholstery.  When wet, urine is an acid which can cause a carpet to be dyed.  When dry, urine turns alkaline which can cause carpet to lose color.  Because of this, even a Carpet Mill considers the carpet permanently damaged and VOIDS the warranty (mainly due to Protectant loss and potential non-visual damage to the fibers).  In addition, urine usually causes offensive odors.

What is P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)?

PURT is the most advanced urine scent removal system available today and is only available through Chem-Dry.  It is a patented product that destroys urine – it does not mask or attempt to cover up the scent.  Although PURT can improve discoloration, we do not promise stain removal from use of PURT alone.

Although we have had nearly 100% success for more than 10 years, there are circumstances that are beyond restoration.  In the event that we recommend replacement, we suggest that PURT be applied to the wood or concrete after removal of the contaminated carpet and carpet padding.

How much to use?

Identifying the amount of PURT to use is experienced guess work.  PURT must make contact with all urine to be successful. Major factors that need to be considered and are often unknown are:

  1. How much urine is in the carpet?  (size of animal and number of times a pet has soiled an area or room).

  2. Has a spot been urinated on more than once?  (this makes the scent and discoloration more difficult to remove).

  3. Was the pet healthy or on medications?

  4. What type of animal deposited the urine (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, or neighbor’s kid)?

When a variety of animals have been present, additional services may be required.

It is difficult of determining the exact amount to use and our guess can be wrong.  The good news is that we seldom misjudge and rarely by more than one gallon.

We offer two levels of success:

Make the “Room” smell good or make the “Carpet” smell good.  The latter is a deeper, more thorough application.

  1. Topical (approx.. 3/4 inch depth) – good for small healthy dogs – Best Effort guarantee.

  2. Deep (full depth to include carpet, pad and floor) – Successful for healthy large dogs or cats. In most scenarios, we start with a Topical treatment then progress to Deep as needed. (on same or future visit).

Our Guarantee:

We promise to apply the quantity of P.U.R.T. agreed upon in accordance with the Chem-Dry manual.  We do not offer money back.  Discoloration removal is NOT guaranteed.

Re-Service Terms

We do not offer free re-service for P.U.R.T. jobs.  We charge a minimum service call (currently $200.00) and include up to one gallon of P.U.R.T.

Other Considerations

You must decide if “scent only” removal is acceptable.  If not, the only guaranteed remedy is replacement. However, our Specialty Stain removal system may remove discoloration at additional cost.

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