MicroPro Shield™ by Chem-Dry
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MicroPro Shield™ by Chem-Dry

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Disinfecting/Sanitizing with 90-Day Residual Antimicrobial Protection

As The Healthy Home Authority®, Chem-Dry has set a new standard in deep cleaning and sanitizing across the industry. Our efforts work to help with the elimination of germs, bacteria and viruses for improved workplaces, stores, facilities and homes

As part of our Sanitizing Service, we’ll use a combination of misting and spraying to apply our sanitizer based on what’s appropriate for each high contact area. We’ll apply sanitizers to low contact areas with a sprayer, taking care to avoid excessive saturation. We help protect your home and family and we help businesses protect their staff, customers, and their brand.


First, disinfect the area with Vital Oxide following the label instructions.


Second, apply the Chem-Dry exclusive 90-day residual antimicrobial solution, BIOPROTECT, following the label instructions.


Third, certify the area was correctly disinfected/sanitized and protected.

Protect Your Loved Ones

It’s a fact that people pick up germs and bring them home. These germs, and other contaminants, cause colds, flu, pneumonia, MRSA, allergies, stomach bugs, ringworm and other illnesses. Even if you clean your home regularly using traditional cleaning methods and disinfection products, you can be missing a large percentage of these germs that your family and loved ones could be coming in contact with.

90 Day ViroDefenders solves that and gets almost complete coverage of all surfaces in your home.

Disinfection Protects Pets Too

Our pets need our love and protection too. 90 Day ViroDefenders virtually eliminates pet odors and the germs that can make animals, and people, sick—including parvo. Our treatment is also effective at removing many allergens that can impact your family and pets

See what the Global Virus Network reported on the use of our product against SARS-CoV-19

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